Márton Nemes

Márton Nemes
(1986, Székesfehérvár, Hungary)
Lives and works in London

Márton Nemes’s painting alternated between the figural and the abstract for a while. For example, his paintings in the series titled the Ruins of Modernism, which examines the effects of the changing economic and ideological interests on architecture, depict space in a figurative way; however, the geometrical portrayal of the deserted stores already shows signs of the need, which is probably the main motivating force for the painter, that is, understanding visual abstraction. This is also evident in how Márton Nemes’s art is characterized by continuous experimentation; it is a contemplation on painting – via painting. His artworks are not created only by the traditional instruments of a painter, but foil, wooden chips, and some tools rarely used in painting are also integrated into his creative process. As a result, his pieces are not just traditional paintings hanging on the walls, but they extend into space, blending in with the complementary installation elements around them.


2017 – 2018     University of Arts London, Chelsea College of Arts, Master of Fine Arts
2008 – 2013     Hungarian University of Fine Arts, faculty of painting


Solo Exhibitions

2019     Falling out the Rhythm, duo exhibition with Małgorzata Szymankiewicz, BWA Warszava, Warsaw
             Falling out the Rhythm, duo exhibition with Małgorzata Szymankiewicz, Erika Deák Gallery, Budapest
             BuBu 2.0, duo exhibition with Zsolt Bodoni, Eleven Twenty Projects, Buffalo NY, US
             Tomorrow, King St. Stephen Museum, Székesfehérvár
2017     Shaping realities, Erika Deak Gallery, Budapest
2016     Undercovered, Kunstglang-Erika Deak Gallery, München

2015     Overcoloured, Erika Deak Gallery, Budapest
             Everyone Has Right, IcaD, Dunaújváros
             EastMeetsWest, Wesport Arts Center, Westport CT, US
2014     Painted Paint, Paksi Képtár, Paks
             Out of Order, Contemporary Architecture Center Project Gallery, Budapest
2013     Temporarily Closed, Erika Deak Gallery, Budapest
             When Time Speeks, Chimera Proyect Gallery, Budapest

Selected Group Exhibitions

2018     Why Patterns?, No 20 Arts, London  
2017     Abstract Hungary, Halle für Kunst und Medien, Graz
2015     Don’t bring me flowers, 68 Projects, Berlin

2014     Abstract Variations, Trapéz Gallery, Budapest
             Haunting Monumentality, MSU Zagreb, HR
2013     Eszterházy Prize, Museum of Fine Arts , Budapest
             X-Ray Texture Pack, Ulrike Hrobsky Gallery, Vienna
2012     Loop, Virág Judit Gallery, Budapest
2011     Wir Waren Leipziger, Labor Gallery, Budapest
             Budapest Áramlat, Virág Judit Gallery, Budapest

Prizes and Scolarships

2019     Esterházy Art Award
2019     BuBu Artist Residence Exchange Program, Buffalo NY, US
2015     Residency at Westport Arts Center, Westport CT, US

2014     Residency Salzburg, Austria, Land Salzburg
2012     Ludwig Prize
2011     Erasmus Scolarship Leipzig, Uni Leipzig