István Máriás AKA Horror Pista

The precision of a serial-killer

István Máriás AKA Horror Pista, painter

Pista Horror designs and executes his works with the precision of a serial-killer; he depicts his characters in an ill-omened, futuristic environment with black humour. Due to his exceptional sensitivity, fine cynicism, and precisely executed compositions, his works are easy to identify.



Born in Sfintu-Gheorghe , Romania Lives and works in Budapest , Hungary Studies: -2005-2012 Hungarian University of Fine Arts, Budapest (painter department ) -2010 University of Art and Design, Cluj- Napoca (painter department ) -2010 Member of the Young Artists Studio Association (FKSE) -1999-2005 Secondary School of Fine and Applied Arts, Budapest (sculptor department) Masters: Ádám Szabó ,Attila Kovács, Dóra Maurer, Eszter Radák in Cluj : Marius Bercea Scholarship: -2010 Erasmus, Cluj – Napoca , Romania (painter) Awards: -2012 Startpoint: Prize for Emerging Artists 2012 -2012 Best of Diploma 2012 -2011 Kogart Special Award -2011 Amadeus – Fundamenta Fellowship -2010 Erasmus Solo Exhibition: -2012 LABOR ,Open Space ,Closed Space , with Zsofia Keresztes, Budapest -2011 Lollipop Factory, Balkan Kindergarten ,Budapest -2010 Sokszem Gallery,Two in One ,Budapest Select Group Exhibition: -2013 MeetFactory , Keep the Faith - Emerging artists from Hungary , Prague (CZ) -2013 amaTáR , Doublethink , Budapest -2013 Studio Gallery (FKSE), Donald Concept , Budapest -2013 Art Paris Art Fair , Paris (FRA) -2013 Casati Art Corner Gallery