About us

At Partizán Art Studios and Gallery we offer studios for Hungarian and foreign artists. In exchange for the ateliers we don’t ask for money, the artists offer some of their pieces of art instead. We also help managing the artists working with us, organizing exhibitions, happenings and projects.

Our vision is to provide a community place for outstanding artists in an inspiring environment, where the artists can help and support each other, where they can work in a motivating atmosphere.


Our name, partizan refers to the way we work: any unrented premises can be used for artistic and cultural purposes but as soon as the place is rented, the project and the artists have to move to another place within PP Center.

Partizán Art Studios and Gallery was founded by Marcell Pátkai, head of DATA foundation and PP Center Real Estates Ltd. in December 2011.

PP Center Business Park supports DATA foundation by offering its empty offices, warehouses or studios for the applying artists, so the temporarily unrented premises are filled with life and cultural vibe.