David Stuart Sutherland

David Stuart Sutherland

artist statement 2020

David Sutherland works with painting, photography and sound.

Painting about painting is one way to consider the work which aims to extend the artist's own language.

The practice aims to explore the medium of painting as both subject and object. The work explores gestural abstraction and composition 'on the edge of geometry'

considering the inherent structures and materiality of the given medium.

Through making music, films and collaborative works his own art practice has taken on new ways of seeing.

Sutherland's work deals with both personal memory and chance procedures. He lives and works in Budapest.


Born 1966 Weymouth, Dorset England.

St. Peter's School, Southbourne.

Employed at Roman Press Printing and Publishing.

1984 1986 National Diploma

Faculty of Art and Design Southampton College

Employed as an Illustrator and Photographer Avon Forest Park

1992 1995 B A (Hons) Fine Arts

Southampton Solent University

Works as photographer - 5x4 Studio black and white limited edition printing. Publishes in newspapers and magazines.

2008 Art History Postgraduate Diploma The Open University

Exhibitions and Performances:

2019 | Budapest Art Market 2019 - Rugogyar Gallery represented artists - selected paintings

2019 | British Artists in Hungary - British Embassy Residence - Exhibition Recent Paintings

2019 | Iklectik Art Lab London - audio-visual ( photographs + video works )

performance with monofog + Ed Lucas + Graham Dunning

2018 | Jazzire Festival Subotica - monofog performance with Yoni Silver.

2018 | Mai Mano Photography Museum - Autumn Photography Show - One Big Lonely City 5x4inch contact prints.

2018 | Art Market Budapest 2018 - David Stuart Sutherland Selected works Rugógyár Gallery at ART MARKET BUDAPEST 2018

International Contemporary Art fair. Venue: Millenáris building „B" Booth G 504.

2018 | Rugógyár Galéria "From Here and Beyond"/ Innen és Túl az érzékelés határain

Abstract painting 1947 to 2018

LOSSONCZY Tamás (1904-2009), SZABADOS Árpád (1944-2017), David Stuart SUTHERLAND (1966)

Sound performance of MONOFOG: David Stuart SUTHERLAND, Tamás ILAUSZKY & Oli MAYNE

2018 | Vasarely Museum of Fine Arts - "On The Edge of Geometry"

OSAS Open Structures Art Society Group Show curated: Maurer Dora speech: Istvan Hajdu

2018 | RS9 Theatre Budapest - experimental music

2018 | Kék Ló Budapest monofog - free improvisation

2018 | Harom Hollo - audio-visual performance

2017 | MODEM Museum of Contemporary Art Debrecen ZajKert VI audio-visual

2017 | Pucc Contemporary Art Gallery O mannequin O - audio-drawing

2017 | 2B Gallery "CUT Vinyl" - Exhibition unsound objects + live recording to 12inch Vinyl Inflatable Cloud

2017 | Varkert Bazar Pop Archaeology - lecture + performance

2017 | MODEM Museum of Contemporary Art: Humiliated Human audio-visual

2016 | Kisüzem NemaFilmZene "BowSunMakePeace" art film + live soundtrack

2016 | Muszi Budapest "Tinsel" sound performance

2016 | Toldi Cinema audio-visual performance

2016 | Improstor 83 CK13 Crna Kruća Novi Sad Serbia

2015 | Ebb Flow + Debris 6 humans Muszi contemporary dance + sound

2015 | Avant Garde Jazz Fest Kék Ló Budapest

2015 | Silent Film Music KIsüzem Budapest - short film and audio

2015 | ByArt Gallery monofog : sound art

2015 | Mucsarnok-Kunsthalle Museum Found Objects Sound Objects Contemporary Sculpture\

2014 | Mamü Gallery Sound Works 4. 33 Revolution Per Minute paintings and objects

2014 | Muszi Budapest audio-visual performance

2014 | No Wave Festival Tilos Radio Marathon art performance

2011 | The Orange Way ClujEst Gallery Cluj Napoca Exhibition photographs + stop motion film

2010 | Landscape2 Fészek Artists' Club Herman Gallery, Budapest exhibition photographs

2009 | Bródy House Arts Club Budapest selected photography

2009 | British Shorts FIlm Festival in Budapest Taban Cinema 'Two Minutes and Fifty Three Seconds'

2009 | Szimpla Cinema Budapest – Festival screening

2003 | X X S Bolt Gallery Exhibition / Catalogue No. 60. Duna Gallery (The Outside Series No.14)

2003 | Four Hours Tuesday Installation + Exhibition Camera Obscura, Ronald Emmet Gallery, Dorset, England

2002 | Panorama XIII Exhibition / Catalogue Esztergom Photo Biennale Rondella Gallery Palace Museum Esztergom

2002 | Kecskemét Museum of Photography exhibition

2002 | Budapest Art Gallery Óbuda exhibition

2002 | Camera Soave Galeria Italy

2000 | Camera Obscura XII Photo Biennale Esztergom EMI Prize Winner camera obscura

2000 | Rondella Gallery Esztergom exhibition photographs

2000 | Kecskemét Museum of Photography Biennale Exhibition

2000 | Budapest Gallery camera obscura toned silver bromide prints

1998 | One Big Lonely City Gerbaud Exhibition Hall Budapest Photography Exhibition 5x4 contact prints a